Thursday, December 13, 2007

FAR 103 Rant

I haven't had much of a chance to fly lately, hoping for a chance this weekend. I've finally got my plane registered and now I only have to get it inspected to be LSA compliant.

When checking out my competition, I've noticed a lot of people trying to mislead their buyers by saying their plane is an Ultralight. It's frustrating when your competitors lie, but that's not the worst part of it. If you buy a plane that's not registered by Jan 31, 2008, it can't be registered as a Light Sport Aircraft.

Some of these planes listed as ultralights are way too heavy, way too fast or even have more than 5 gallon gas tanks. Someone new to aviation might think it's legal to fly these planes without a license, only to face stiff fines.

I've also heard people talk about how they can cover up what's wrong with their planes to sell them. I'm not the nicest guy, but I don't want to kill someone either. How can your concience let you sell someone something that can cause their death.... Aviation used to be filled with good, honest people, and it still may be, but deadlines seem to make the crap float to the top.

That's my rant for today.... here's a general idea of part 103:

If powered:
(1) Weighs less than 254 pounds empty weight, excluding floats and safety devices which are intended for deployment in a potentially catastrophic situation;
(2) Has a fuel capacity not exceeding 5 U.S. gallons;
(3) Is not capable of more than 55 knots calibrated airspeed at full power in level flight; and (4) Has a power-off stall speed which does not exceed 24 knots calibrated airspeed.