Saturday, February 14, 2015

To Brownwood and Beyond...

Travis and I launched from Taylor early this morning, around 9:30AM.  Bo would meet us at Brownwood and shortly after his friends Greg and Tracy showed up in their RV-8.  We took the ex-police Crown Vic into town for some BBQ and might or might not have pretended we were cops. 

After a great meal, we got back in our planes and flew over to Cleburne where we ran into our friend Stu who has an amazing 120.  He also showed us the Taylorcraft he's rebuilding.  We soon had to go though and Travis and I headed off to drop his plane in Temple, then on to Taylor which turned out to be beautiful night flight.  We landed around 7:30PM.... long day!

Jack "Ready To Do It Again" Fleetwood

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dayton's New Gyro

Jack "My Wing Doesn't Spin" Fleetwood

Don't Feel Like Writing!

I don't feel like taking the time to write, and well, I make the rules.  Hope you enjoy some photos I've taken over the last few months!

Jack "Random Photos" Fleetwood