Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kicked Cancer's Butt Flight

I got back from Maryland yesterday with a clean bill of health. No more cancer!! So this was my first PPC flight knowing I'm cancer free. I think it flies better without that weight on my shoulders!

Chris, Travis and I met up early this morning to get in a sunrise flight.

Chris and his daughter tearing it up.


Travis taking a picture of me taking a picture of him!!



Travis heading down for some low flying.

My Robert Laird shot. Check out Robert's Blog, the link is in the right margin.

Couldn't pass up the Texas flag.

We found this airstrip. Looks like a cropduster field.

Till next time.
Jack "No Cancer Having" Fleetwood

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Andy in Austin

Well, according to NOAA it was too windy for me to fly. I got to the field without my PPC and sure enough the wind died... oh well. I'll try tomorrow.

We did have quite a crew though. Andy McAvin came in from the Houston area due to Hurricane Ike. Brian, Tim, Jim, Alt and Glenn were all there. The biggest crowd I've seen there in a long time. I'll try to write more later, but here are the photos.



Brian flying by his family.

Brian and Tim




Alt and Tim

We couldn't pass up this sunset, so Andy took to the air.

I have almost as much fun shooting the pics as I do flying...almost!
I had a great time guys, see you next time.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

All by myself...

Chris and I headed out yesterday to fly at Taylor. I warmed up my engine, moved the plane out, and then I got a flat. Try as I might, I couldn't get it fixed, so I was off to the house. I bought a tube and fixed it. As I was going to get the tube, I saw a PPC being trailered, heading to Old Settler's Park. After getting my tube, I stopped by just in time to see it take off. It was getting late in the morning and he was getting tossed around pretty good. Terry was also flying but he landed shortly after I got there. When the PPC landed, I went over and met Gary. He has a Six Chuter that he bought new in 1998. He continued to fly well into the afternoon and I got this shot of him over my house later.

Sunday morning I headed out to Taylor. It was another perfect morning.

I hate waking up so early to see it, but sunrise is beautiful.

Train tracks in Taylor

Country church and cemetary.



White cows. I'm not sure what was growing in the field.

Sharing the early morning air.


I love this shot. I was curious, so I looked up this equipment. You could buy it used for around $300K...

I flew toward OSP, but nobody was in the field, so I headed back to Taylor.

See ya. Jack