Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Since my engine out, I've been trying to get back into the air.  It's frustrating because I've done everything I was told I needed to do.  I bought a new piston and had a certified Rotax mechanic install it.  He honed the cylinder and put it back together and it ran great.  Then, during the hour long break-in, it started running rough.  Now we tore into the engine again, only to find that the cylinder wall is scuffed!!  mailto:!@#$  This simply means enough wasn't taken off of the surface of the cylinder the first time.  It would have helped if he'd checked the diameter after honing it! 

Not only that, but I found out a red-dot piston was used where it was originally a green-dot piston.  Both service centers I spoke with said that was a bad idea.  Now I have to have my cylinder sleeved for around $250 and buy another $200 piston.  If I can find a green-dot piston that is easy.  If not, I will have to replace the other piston with a red-dot, then probably have that cylinder honed as well.... 

This is getting old for two reasons.  One, I need to fly!!  I'm not a nice person to be around when I'm grounded.  The second reason is that I bought a 2-seater so I could take up passengers.  Even after I get it running right, it will be a long time before I'm comfortable taking up passengers again. 

What a crock of mailto:!@#$ this has turned into!

Jack "Ground Bound" Fleetwood