Thursday, April 14, 2011

BARF Meeting - Columbus Texas

From 3-20 Travis and I got back today from our BARF Club Meeting/Fly-In. Here are some of the photos. The light was low, so I'm not thrilled with the photos, but they're okay. Hope you enjoy.

Jack "Flying In The Dark" Fleetwood

Back In The Air Again

Still catching up - this one is from 3-7. I took my youngest daughter up for a flight yesterday. We arrived at the airport to find Bruce and his nephew Austin already there. It was a pleasant surprise. It was the first time I had seen Bruce with his new Pegasus since we had picked it up. It was a little breezy and bumpy, but not too bad. We took off and headed East into the wind. We flew around Granger Lake and the surrounding farm land. We got a few waves from the boaters and farmers plowing their fields much to my daughter's delight. It was good to be in the air, but it was a little cold and bumpy for the little one. After an hour we were headed back to the airport. The pattern was busy, but we were able to safely fly under them and get on the ground. So, to summarize, it was windy, bumpy, cold, and I was smiling the whole time.

See ya... Jack

No Color Flight

I'm catching up on my Blog. I also post on a Powered Parachute Forum and the format there is much easier, so sometimes I get behind on my Blog.... sorry! These photos are from a winter flight where you can see there weren't many leaves and nothing was green. Still fun to fly though!