Thursday, September 19, 2013


So as you’ve probably come to expect from me, I sold another airplane! I bought N89418 a year ago because it was a beautiful example of a Cessna 140. It had a fresh leather interior that I liked better than any I’d seen. I had looked at some rough planes, so when I saw this one I had to have it! Chris flew me to Arlington, TX in his 172 to look at it and I soon had a deal in place.

I spent well over 100 hours flying it around. From local flights, to $100 hamburgers, and to fly-ins. I had been to fly-ins in many other planes, but never camped at one. Shortly after buying the plane, I went to my first fly-in/camp out at Reklaw and I was hooked. (Not sure why as I froze my butt off!) I went on to fly to several more over the year and met many good friends and decided this is the reason I wanted a plane like a 140. I couldn’t help staring at the unpainted, highly polished planes of my friends though! People would comment on how nice my plane looked, but the praise the polished planes got was hard to ignore. As Bo and I travelled around one day, it was like my plane was invisible.

One day I was doing my normal search of Barnstormers and I spotted N90098. I wanted it! This plane needed to be with me. Now considering I didn’t even have my plane listed yet, I pretty much assumed I wouldn’t have a chance. I had to try though. I listed it and got a few responses, even a guy who told me he really wanted it and would be back in two weeks (never heard from him again!). Then Duff called. He is a local pilot and he was slightly more than interested. I could tell he had the same passion for N89418 as I had for N90098. We would work out a deal and over the next few weeks it would come together. I very quickly had a deal worked out with Joel, the owner of N90098.

Last week I boarded a Southwest flight heading to Minneapolis where Joel picked me up and drove me to New Richmond where I first saw N90098 for the first time! She sure shines in the sun! After the customary paperwork, I was off to Eau Claire, WI to meet my boss’ Dad and pick up cheese curds! Yes, I made a delivery of cheese curds in my new 140! It was windy, so I decided to spend the night there and rest. It was a good decision because I was exhausted. I took a taxi to the Ramada and checked in. That’s where I’ll pick up the story next time. I had a great adventure on the way back and all went well.

Jack "Keeping You in Suspense" Fleetwood