Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally Some Flying!!

Seems like it's been forever! Chris, Scott, and I left Round Rock for Bill's place at 6:10 Sunday morning. When we arrived, Bill and Chip were already there drinking coffee. Jean arrived soon after and we had a good sized group ready to go fly.

After we all got setup, Chris and Chip were soon in the air followed by Bill and Jean. It was me and Scott setup next to each other and Scott motioned for me to go first. I was quickly in the air and I circled around to watch Scott take off, but he never did. Turned out some previous damage to his front wheel had been worsened while he taxied out.

It was some fun flying. I would climb to 1500 feet and it was like putting on the brakes! At one point, I was going 4mph backwards. It was really fun though, there was absolutly no bumps up there. It was like sitting in a lawn chair overlooking Austin. I could see the runway at Bergstram International and downtown Austin. It's usually too hazy for that!

After I got home, I called Travis to brag about flying while he was grounded with a sinus infection and he mentioned that he might go up later in the afternoon. So, next thing I know, we were out flying again. We were joined by Terry and Tim. It was bumpy... It was so bumpy I didn't have much fun. I would be flying North and next thing I know, I was going West!! Not my idea of fun, but in the interest of building my tolerance for bad conditions, I stayed up. I flew for slightly over an hour, putting my total for the day at 1.75 Hours. Haven't done that in awhile!

Good flying, good friends, what else can a pilot ask for!
Some photos from Sunday afternoon. Nothing show stopping!
Travis and Tim - It's rare that I see Tim from the air.
Terry - I think this is the first time I've ever seen him from the air!
Terry again.