Monday, August 22, 2011

BARF Meeting - Wharton, TX August 2011

The BARF Club meeting was in Wharton, TX this month. I’ve been there a few times for meetings, but never got a chance to fly there. I love flying in a new location.

Saturday morning was predicted to be perfect flying weather and the predictions were true.

I took off and headed East toward town. There’s a nice river there and a neat looking bridge across it. It was a little hazy when I got there, but soon the sun was up and burning off the haze.

After flying for awhile, I spotted Frank in his “Red Baron” Predator and headed his way. While I was chasing him around I spooked up some deer. I kept chasing them until they crossed some water! I’m always happy to get photos of something I’ve never seen before and this was great!

To end the day, these guys came out to launch a weather balloon! It took way too much patience for me, but they seemed to be having fun.

Hope you enjoy the photos. I can’t wait until the next meeting.

The End.