Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Travis Flies Again!

We got to the airport around 6:30. Soon after that we were taking off. I decided to fly to 5,280 feet and shut off the engine. When I got up there, I saw Lake Pflugerville and told Travis we should head that way. We had a pretty strong headwind, so we knew we’d have no issue getting back to the airport.

I was flying ahead of Travis, so he got plenty of reports of what I was seeing! Wow, that’s a buffalo. Wow, it’s one brown buffalo and two white buffalo. That’s a rare site! After circling them until the brown one started pawing at the ground and snorting, I heading to an open field and dropped down low. I was then chasing jack rabbits!

When I got to the lake, I saw joggers, swimmers, and fishermen. It’s funny watching someone run while looking straight up!

I flew around the lake a few times waiting on Travis and then decided to fly to the new Austin Executive Airport. By then it was getting pretty windy, so no touch-n-go, but we flew by and took some photos.

It was a quick, bumpy flight back and Travis even passed me up! He flew higher than me and found a strong tailwind. When we got back to the airport, a Mooney was taking off and asked me if he could fly by us and take a look.

It turned out to be a great day for flying!

City of Hutto from a mile up.

City of Pflugerville




This King Air took off while we were on left base at Executive.

You know we’re flying slow when I’m on base and have time to take a photo of an old truck!

A guy bought an old airport called Bird’s Nest and then put in a new 6,000 foot runway, new hangers, and this terminal building. It’s incredible.

And a quick 180 and we’re away from the modern building and heading back to Taylor.

Travis with a hazy city of Austin in the background.

Sometimes you just have to cut your buddy off to get that photo!

The preacher came out to wave at me! You can see him by the column.

Firefighter training facility.

Ducks! There was no shortage of wildlife on this flight!

I was surprised to see this small cemetery way off the road, in the middle of the field.

You can see my shadow above the trees.

Back in Taylor.

Back at the airport, the Mooney flies by.

Travis does a tight turn with the Mooney behind him.

On short final.

That’s all for now. Hopefully we get to fly at the BARF meeting next weekend.

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