Monday, August 01, 2011

Finding Beauty

Sunday was one of those perfect days. I got up early, as I normally do, and Bruce joined me at Taylor. He said it’s not a normal thing to see him out there that early, but I may have converted him! It was so calm and cool out. It’s the time of year where it’s over 100 degrees every day and that means it’s still 95 when we would normally try to get in an afternoon flight.

By 6:30 I was up. Bruce was still setting up so I circled the airport, did a few touch-n-goes on the runway, and waved at a family that stopped to watch. I knew this would be a great day for flying, it was perfectly smooth.

Soon Bruce took off and we headed to the lake. I flew along the shore waving at boaters and campers as they came running out to see what the noise was! The water was so calm you could follow a boat’s trail all the way across the lake. We flew over the dam, then behind it, then on the other side! Bruce even disappeared below it! As we flew away from the dam, I started a climb to 2500 feet and shut the engine off. I took my headset off and wished I could just stay up there. Nothing but the sound of the wind (and the creaking of my PPC!).

We headed back toward Taylor, flying low over fields and taking a bunch of photos. As we were getting close I heard two airplanes entering the pattern and one of them said he had the balloon in sight. I could see it from 3 miles away, but by the time we got there it was put away. We circled them a few times to show them what it’s like to turn and to land in the same place we took off from!

After that, we landed and reflected on how great the flight was. What a day!

Circling over the airport.

Going down?

Stealth mode.

Almost at 2500 feet.

Bruce is way down there!

Granger in the background. This is where they filmed the new True Grit movie.

Leaving the lake.

Hello Bruce!

I was expecting my ride to get pretty rough about now, but it never did.


Looking back at Bruce.

I like this one!

Very cool shot. Looks like shag carpet!

Bruce with two shadows! Hard to sneak up on a guy with the sun behind you!

Beautiful trestle… notice the power lines.

This is a memorial for a friend of mine, [URL=""]Clayton Young[/URL]. I was out for a drive with my wife when I saw the road blocked by state troopers. I looked over and saw what was left of the plane. The trooper motioned me to go by, but I stopped. He walked over and I asked him if it was Clayton. He said yes and asked if I knew how to contact his wife… I did. Please, watch out for power lines. Clayton left behind 5 children.

Dock reflections.

Even rusty culverts can be pretty!

Bruce coming in for a landing.

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