Tuesday, August 02, 2011

July BARF Meeting - Lake Whitney Texas

The BARF Club decided to have our July meeting at Lake Whitney. Since this is very near to my friend Craig McPherson’s place, my plan was to arrive there Friday afternoon and spend the night. My job had other ideas though and instead of heading out Friday afternoon, I got up Saturday morning around 3AM and headed that way.

I arrived when it was almost dawn and after driving past the airport a couple of times I finally found it! There were some guys who came out to watch, so I loaded one of them up in my back seat and headed off.

It was pretty bumpy down low so we climbed to around 1500 feet and found smooth air. We got a good view of how low the lake was. We need some rain!

As usual, I tried to chase a few of the guys down for photos, but between the light being low and everyone else flying the opposite direction, I didn’t get nearly as many shots as I usually do.

Hope you enjoy them!

Jim Brewer in his new Predator.

Ol’ Shorty

I could make a pretty nice hanger out of that railroad car…

Jim Brewer flying with the jets.

Ron flying low.

Short Final

Lake Whitney Airport

Bill Alcorn tree-top flying.

Air Force One

Bruce in formation with me (whether he knew it or not!).

Why do I always feel like saluting when Bill lands?

Hey here comes Jim Howard!

Hmmm… looks like he’s coming right at me. I have faith he’ll miss me.

Looks like I might be the only one that has faith in him!

He missed me, but after all of that stress he needed a nap!

Ken and Carolyn landing in their award-winning Predator.

It’s a good thing Ken installed that autopilot! Top of the line model too!

Mike Singletary flying by in his Predator.

Wayne Powell landing in his Pegasus

Hey Danal even showed up! He did touch-n-goes for about three hours after the rest of us landed!

Hour number two…

Okay, if I’m being honest, maybe it was 15 minutes. Three hours makes a better story though!

Something was wrong with my wide-angle lens. Everything was blurry on the right side, but here are some group shots anyway.

I’m even in this shot. I’m the blurry guy, next to the white PPC, fourth from the right in khaki shorts and my PPC Forums shirt!

The end. Hopefully more to come from our August meeting!

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