Saturday, November 07, 2009

Terry Has a New Toy!

By the time I arrived at OSP this afternoon, Terry and Brian were already in the air. I got some really nice shots of Terry when he returned.

Don't forget to click on the photos to see them in a larger size.

Terry making a low pass.

No more Fresh Breeze for Terry.

Terry is coming in for a landing. Notice the flag in the background is at half-staff. This is in honor of the soldiers killed at Ft. Hood this week.
Terry carrying his motor back to his truck after his landing.

Brian coming in for his landing.

Brian making the hike back to his truck.
Hopefully this weather holds out. Seems like we're finally getting some flying time in!

100th Post

I have way too much time on my hands! I made 100 posts!

Travis and I were emailing each other at work discussing how good the weather looked last Tuesday. We decided it was too good to pass up. We headed out to Taylor, only to find they hadn't mowed our field! We found a good area to takeoff from though and we were soon in the air. Even after leaving work at 3:00, it's still hard to get in a good flight as the sun is now setting at 5:45. We did get in almost an hour though in nice smooth conditions. We only landed because we were running out of light.

Here's to 100 more!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Book

Over the years, I've printed out many photos. I have a good collection in my office at work, I also have given them out as gifts. I like to frame a photo of someone flying with me and give it to them. It's not an expensive gift, it costs me about $3.00 to print an 8X10 photo, then $10.00 for the frame. Still, this adds up.

I checked into making a book of photos. I found it to be reasonable, not cheap, but not too bad. In this book, my first one, there are 80 pages of nothing but photos. To print these would have cost me up to $240, so I'm happy to say the book is only $26.95 for a soft cover, and up to $39.95 for the hard cover. I have the option of adding a profit, but I chose not to. This is the price the vendor charges me, you order it directly from them. I only want to share my photos.

Check it out. Even if you're not interested in buying one, take a look and give me a review. Also, I'm working on the next one now! The next one will take a little longer. It's not going to be just photos, it will explain PPCs as I see them. I will have chapters such as: Takeoffs, Air-to-Air Photography, Air-to-Ground Photography, Fly-Ins, & Landings. Preview the book here:

Here are some screenshots to give you an idea:


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Beeville Chute Out

Travis and I headed down to Beeville, TX to join the BARF (Bay Area Recreational Flyers) group for their 6th annual Halloween Chute Out. We had a good time and I got in a few flights. Everyone there was very welcoming. I'm looking forward to next year!

We got in a short afternoon flight Friday afternoon.

Saturday morning, we got up early and headed to the lake where a group of Rick & Fletch's friends had breakfast waiting for us.

On short final for breakfast!

I took this on the way back to Beeville. It was nice of this farmer to make such a cool picture!

Back at Beeville!
See you guys next year! Thanks for throwing a great event!