Saturday, November 07, 2009

Terry Has a New Toy!

By the time I arrived at OSP this afternoon, Terry and Brian were already in the air. I got some really nice shots of Terry when he returned.

Don't forget to click on the photos to see them in a larger size.

Terry making a low pass.

No more Fresh Breeze for Terry.

Terry is coming in for a landing. Notice the flag in the background is at half-staff. This is in honor of the soldiers killed at Ft. Hood this week.
Terry carrying his motor back to his truck after his landing.

Brian coming in for his landing.

Brian making the hike back to his truck.
Hopefully this weather holds out. Seems like we're finally getting some flying time in!


Tom said...

i like the quality of the pictures, i tried taking some pictures of my buddies flying, trifled with some aerial photogrophy, but never had a lens that could do it justice. ugh.

Jack Fleetwood said...

Thanks Tom. This lens cost me a fortune, but I love it. The camera also allows me to take very large photos. Anything seen on this Blog is 1/4 of the real size.