Sunday, September 16, 2007

Flying PPCs

Yesterday, I got a chance to go work on my plane. It was too windy to fly, but I did a few crow hops and it feels good. Hopefully, I'll get to fly next weekend.

Today, I took Chris up on an offer to go fly with his friend Bill in Buda. We flew from Bill's field to Lockhart. I rode with Chris and Bill took his friend Terry with him. Chris and I did a touch-n-go at Lockhart and then headed back. After we got back, Bill let me play with the parachute from his PPG, a smaller version of the PPC. It was fun to pull the parachute up into the air and then try to control it, but it showed me how out of shape I am.

Bill flying. There was some ground fog early.

Our shadow.

Our Touch -n- Go at Lockhart

Bill spiraling down!

Perfect Landing

LSU vs. VT

Last weekend, my friend Jeff offered to take me and another friend, Frank, to the LSU vs. VT game in his V-Tail Bonanza. It shortened a 6 hour drive from Austin to Baton Rouge to 2 hours. It is nice to be able to climb above the clouds and cruise near 200 mph.

Frank with the plane.

It was cloudy, but we were quickly on top.

Frank, Jeff, and me. (No of course Frank wasn't drunk!!)

This is blurry, but it is Shaq.

Final Score.

Mississippi River?

There were big storms near Houston.

Small Airport