Sunday, September 16, 2007

Flying PPCs

Yesterday, I got a chance to go work on my plane. It was too windy to fly, but I did a few crow hops and it feels good. Hopefully, I'll get to fly next weekend.

Today, I took Chris up on an offer to go fly with his friend Bill in Buda. We flew from Bill's field to Lockhart. I rode with Chris and Bill took his friend Terry with him. Chris and I did a touch-n-go at Lockhart and then headed back. After we got back, Bill let me play with the parachute from his PPG, a smaller version of the PPC. It was fun to pull the parachute up into the air and then try to control it, but it showed me how out of shape I am.

Bill flying. There was some ground fog early.

Our shadow.

Our Touch -n- Go at Lockhart

Bill spiraling down!

Perfect Landing


Mark Z. said...

Running a little rich eh? I've never seen or hear of a PPC with a smoke system.

Jack Fleetwood said...

Yeah, all of these guys have smoke systems. Makes me want one. Right now, if I have that much smoke, I'm going down!!