Monday, August 01, 2011

Saturday Flight

I've now flown three days this week. This one was the second flight and I took my youngest daughter with me.

We got to the field early and it was perfect. Every day here it's breaking 100 degrees, so I like to get up early and enjoy some time outside.

We took off to the South as the wind was predicted to come from that direction when they picked up. We flew low over some ponds with her pointing out rabbits, dogs, cows, and horses.

We also flew over to two different private strips where I know the owners and did some touch-n-goes. The first one belongs to Mark who owns a Beech 18 which always poses for great photos!

After awhile we headed back to the airport to see if Travis had shown up. He had, but was still setting up his PPC, so we climbed to 2500 feet and shut off the engine. My daughter really loves this and wanted to do it even though she was really ready to land and go eat! After we came down and started the engine again, she wanted to do it again, so back up we went.

We then headed back to the airport to land. We watched Travis do some touch-n-goes and packed up... well, to be honest I did. She headed back to the truck to play Angry Birds on my iPod.

All in all, another great flight and the best flight is still to come. Sunday was the best flight and the best photos, so standby! I'll try to write that story today.

You can see how low this tank is. We're in the worst drought I can remember.

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