Tuesday, April 17, 2007

San Marcos - 65th Doolittle Anniversary

Sunday my friend was in town and we headed out to the "The 65th Annual Doolittle RaidersReunion". They had one B-25, the Yellow Rose and a PBJ, the Marine's version of the B-25. There were a few other planes, a Stearman, a Cessna 140, and as we were getting ready to leave, a TF-51 Mustang showed up. This is the trainer, or two-seat version. It was very beautiful. Nicest I've ever seen. I accidentally deleted all of my photos from this show, but I have my friend's.

After this show, we went to a local ultralight field and then on to a fly-in community. There was a Pietenpol flying there and it really caught my interest. Flies like my Airbike, but has a 4-cycle engine and two seats. Maybe....

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