Saturday, May 12, 2007

Short Flight

Chris and I met up this morning and he brought his daughter, Maddie. We only flew for around 30 minutes, but had a lot of fun.
This is where I went.

Wayne's place.

Also thought I'd include a photo of Ben doing a fly-by for us a couple of weeks ago. He's a new pilot and is enjoying taking up the girls!!

His Dad, Wayne sold his Cub and bought this Tri-Champ. I'll get more photos during his fly-in, so soon he won't have to fly Tomahawks.


Mark Z. said...

Your flight path is actually quite interesting. Lots of 180s. What were you doing over in the left most area? You changed direction 5 times in what looks like a short period of time. Was it the place where you took the pictures?

Jack Fleetwood said...

I was just goofing around, lots of tight turns. The bottom left corner where there's a loop is my runway.