Saturday, October 27, 2007

Flying with Hubert

Chris and I headed out to Hubert's place on Friday afternoon. Hubert is new to the PPC, so I wanted him to get a chance to fly with Chris. First they went up in Chris's PPC with Chris flying and did a few touch-n-goes. Then they took up Hubert's PPC. Hubert looks good flying this machine, which is completely new to him. Chris says he's doing great. Chris and I went up for a few minutes, but it was getting cool and the sun was heading down. I had a great time. It's time for me to sell the Airbike and head the direction of my friends. Either a PPC (Powered Parachute) or PPG (Powered Paraglider) is in my future!

Taking Off

Hubert's New Toy

Coming in for a landing.

Hubert's Patriotic Chute

Hubert will learn not to fly that close to the sun.

Sun's down, Moon's up, we're headed home.

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