Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Saturday at Bill's

Chris and I got up early Saturday and headed to Bill's place in Buda to meet him and Chip. We knew the winds would pick up later in the day, so we got an early start. We got in about an hour before it got bumpy, but that gave us time to get out my wing and practice kiting before it got too windy. It was a good, if not tiring, day!

Bill got off the ground first.

Bill posing for a shot with the sun!

Chip flying next to Chris and me.

Chip's still learning to fly and was having trouble keeping upright. I have faith he'll get it soon!!!

Some locals.

Chris's shadow.

Chris and Bill

Chip coming in close.

My parachute and Bill, Chip and Chris.

Chip, Bill, and Chris

Chris trying a forward launch.


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