Monday, August 18, 2008

From PPG to PPC

This is a long one, so consider yourself warned :-)

A few short weeks ago I decided I'd had enough of the Powered Paraglider. I have a bad hip and taking off and landing from my feet was never a good option. I really liked the idea, so I convinced myself that it was right for me. It wasn't...

I had a trike with my PPG, so I could fly it from wheels. A lot of people like the PPGs, so don't think I'm bashing them!! I personally don't like the wing. It's too unstable (my opinion!). I've seen experienced guys have difficulty getting the wing stable for takeoff. I've never seen my Powered Parachute flying friends have any issue with their parachutes. My final decision came when strapping my 220lb self into the harness designed for foot launch - it's not comfortable, you still have to steer with your hands in flight, you have to hold the throttle, the A-lines, and the brakes in your hands for takeoff and find a way to push the starter button while your hand is already strapped to the throttle..... enough!! If I'm going to use wheels, it might as well be in comfort.

I put my PPG up for sale and quickly got an offer. I found a powered parachute called a Powrachute Sky Rascal for sale in Georgia and after some planning, a friend and I were off to get it. This was a 2000 mile round trip journey. We left at 4PM on Friday, arrived in Georgia around 8AM, loaded the plane into the trailer and headed out by 11AM, arriving home around 5AM on Sunday morning. Whew... I'm still tired.

I've now got the PPC in my garage and will begin going over it with a fine-tooth comb today. I already love it!! Looking at it on the internet, I wasn't fond of the purple color. In person, I've grown to love it. My friends have orange, yellow, light green, and dark green, so we're all different! You fly the PPC with your feet, so this will free my hands up for photography which is one of my favorite hobbies! I can't wait.

Here's a couple of shots that were used by the seller. I haven't taken any of my own yet.


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