Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Test Flight

This post is out of order... not sure how I missed it!

Travis and I met at the airport around 4PM. I wanted to get there early so I could add a degree of pitch to my prop. I took photos of the windsock showing the wind coming from the North, South, and West, but it was very low. After standing around a little while, we decided that we could live with the thermals, so we took off around 5PM. It was a little bumpy, but it would only get better as we flew. By the time the sun was getting low neither of us wanted to land!

As for my plane, I was watching it closely and managing my throttle the entire first half of the flight. My coolant gets a little too high for my comfort at 175 if I’m climbing. I will add a little distilled water to see if that will help. My EGTs would get to 1160 and continue to climb if I didn’t watch them. I know that’s in the safe zone, but I like a little more room for error. My max RPM was 6550, so I’ll add another degree or two to the prop and all should be well. I found at 5020 all of my temps were fine and at a 6300 they were as well. So I would climb at 6300, then pull back to 5020 and slowly descend. It was worth the extra management for the great flight.

Travis is one of only two pilots I trust to fly close to me. I was doing a lot of S-turns to stay back with him, but I was able to get the shots I wanted. I was directing him on the radio a lot though! Hope you guy enjoy the photos.

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