Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Flying Without the PPC

Well, I had some fun flying adventures this weekend, but never touched the PPC. I headed out to take some photos on Saturday morning and when I got to the airport I ran into my friend Bill. We headed off in his 172 for awhile.

Sunday, it was perfect flying weather for PPCs, but I’ve had a long-standing offer from my friend Phil to go fly in his Aeronca Chief. Travis said his eye was hurting and he wouldn’t make it out to fly PPCs, so it was an easy decision. I didn’t know what to expect from the Chief. I’ve flown similar airplanes, but this one was really comfortable and very pretty. We flew with the windows open, which made if very comfortable. Not only that, but it stalls at 40mph! We flew along between 55 & 85 mph most of the time, slow and low! It’s like a PPC on steroids! I’m hooked!

Then, after flying the Chief, I went with Chris to take some photos of Lake Travis for the marina he uses. The lake is lower than they’ve seen it since the 50’s and there are a lot of “sometimes” islands.

Anyway, I know it’s non-PPC, but thought I’d share a little. This weekend is Walt’s Middle Finger Fly-In, so I should come back with a couple of photos!

Would you guess I didn’t take this from a PPC?

Phil’s house.

Back at Kittie Hill Airport.

Up with Chris now. It was 104 on the ground…

At the bottom of this photo, about the middle, to the right of the five blue covers, you’ll see a black spot in the water. This is actually 3 & 4 foot catfish! This restaurant throws their scraps into the water.

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