Monday, November 14, 2011

Kingsbury Aerodrome - Fall Fly-In

With winds predicted to gust to near 30mph Phil and I decided to leave the Chief in the hanger! It's just not a plane that can handle that much wind safely unless it's right down the runway.

Chris, Travis, & I did decide to go though in Chris' Cessna 172. When I got to the airport, I saw the EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast sitting on the ramp. Such a beautiful plane.

I didn't expect much of a turnout since the winds were predicted to be so high. I was surprised to hear a Tiger Moth calling into the airport, and I had seen a Pietenpol take off from Georgetown heading this way, so that was at least two cool airplanes!

It turned out to be a very nice event with quite a variety of planes. We stayed for awhile, walking around checking out the old cars and planes and had a great time.

We then loaded up and Travis flew us most of the way to Fredericksburg for lunch at the Airport Diner. It's a nice 50's themed diner.

I then flew us back to Georgtown where I landed like a helicopter and we walked over to watch the B-17 take up some passengers. Not a bad day of flying!


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