Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday at Kittie Hill

I went to Kittie Hill Saturday morning with the expectation of finding a muddy airport. I was wrong. It was dry and the winds were calm... hmmm, maybe time to fly? I had planned to hook up my new RAM Mount for my iPad so I did that and after a few tries, I was happy with the location.

While I was in the hangar, I heard the guy in the hangar behind me pull out his Super Cub. I planned to go take some photos of him. He had trouble starting it though and ran his battery down. I walked over to find him trying to prop it and not having much luck. I went over to help. Lee, his hangar neighbor came over with some starting fluid and with that and a lot of swinging the prop, I got him on his way.

While he was taxiing out, I walked over to the runway to take photos of him. I saw a plane coming in. It turned out to be a very nice Bearhawk. I snapped a few shots of them. It was a couple coming in to see their daughter. I drove them out to the highway since she couldn't find the airport, then went back to the hangar.

The Chief had around a quarter of a tank and I knew Phil planned to fly later, so I headed up a for a quick local flight. The iPad location worked well except when the sun hit it, then I couldn't see the display. I flew around for awhile, then back into the pattern for a couple of landings. A 172 came over from Georgetown and landed. I saw the passengers taking photos of me! It was a fairly short flight, but I got off the ground and met a couple of new pilots.... I'll call it a successful day!

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