Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pancake Flying

Friday afternoon Travis flew over to McGregor for some lessons with Rich.  Saturday morning, I jumped in the Luscombe and headed that way for the EAA Chapter 59 meeting and pancake breakfast.  It was an uneventful flight and I had quite a few people walk over to check out the plane.  I also met some of our local flying group, the Debutantes. 

On the way back, I remembered to do something I'd been forgetting... I had fun! I flew around in circles taking photos.  I saw SpaceX near McGregor, then flew around a couple of lakes watching boats, did some steep turns and stalls, and just flew for fun.  I really didn't want to land!

When I got back to KH, I noticed Howard and Cyntha were out flying.  As I was putting my plane away, they were landing, so I rushed over to try to get some pics.  Not much luck on the landing photos, but go some of them taxiing.  I also got some of Luke Skiles in his Pober Pixie and Dick Smith in his Skyote.  I then sat around talking to Cynthia and Howard for several hours!  Not a bad way to end a day of flying.

Somehow I didn't upload the pics of the fly-in or journey home, just the ones after I got back.  I'll add them later.

Jack "Hoping It Dries Up Soon" Fleetwood

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