Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flying with Dayton

I finally got a chance to ride with my friend Dayton in his Magni gyroplane. I met him at Taylor airport and made sure to bring my camera. This is one helluva photo platform. We flew around Taylor, then headed over to Round Rock for some photos of the Dell Diamond, then on to Lake Travis.

After we got back from Lake Travis, we refueled and headed East toward Rockdale. We ended up landing at Apache Pass, where owner Lanny Worley gave us an very thorough tour. His place is truly amazing and will draw aviators from a long way away. He has an Ice House, almost ready to open a Steak House, RV Park, Amphitheater, a really cool suspension bridge, and I could go on and on. Check it out here: http://www.apachepass.com/index.html

After we took off and made a few passes for a waving Worley family, we headed back to Taylor.

All in all, I like the gyro. It’s great for open cockpit flying and there’s not a better photo platform for the price. I will remember to wear sunscreen next time though!

Enjoy the photos.

Jack “Holy Crap The Wing is Spinning!” Fleetwood

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