Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Well, another Saturday came around and I found myself at work.  That is until Bo called to say he was going to the Corsicana Airsho.  He said the TFR started at 11:30.  I was soon racing to the airport trying to figure out if I could make it.  It turned out I had a very strong tailwind and made it at about 11:00.  Apparently they decided to start the airshow early because as I crossed over mid-field there were some PT-19s and they announced they were waiting on the Cessna!

As I crossed over I looked down and saw Bo's plane, so I knew where I was headed.  Bo had already scouted out the field and made a few friends, so we were able to walk around the big hangar and check out some cool planes.

The airshow was pretty good, but small.  The highlight for us was the Mig.  Since we stayed with our planes and weren't on show center, he came right over us.  I got a photo of him looking right at us!  It was amazing how far behind his sound was.

It was a dreary day, but I got a few photos.  Hope you like them.

The sun came out for the ride home!

Jack "Off Airshow Center" Fleetwood

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