Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday Flight

It's been awhile since I got to go fly two days in a row. I got to the field around 8am and started fueling the plane. I heard a 2-cycle engine off in the distance. As he got closer, I realized that it was my friend Hubert in his Quicksilver. He and his dad were out for a flight and buzzed the field. They would have stopped, but his dad needed to get back home. Once in the air, I headed to his field had found him talking to Wayne and Ben. Wayne has a nice Cub and his son Ben is currently taking lessons. Hubert gave Wayne his first flight in an ultralight. After they got back, Ben jumped in and they were off. I took off shorty after and joined up with them. Got some good air-to-air photos.
Hubert & Wayne

Hubert & Ben
Look just above the horzon, right of center.

Heading Home
R/C Field

I-35 - Flying Low and Waving at Cars


Anonymous said...

I also have two very young daughters and last year I crashed flying a Beaver single seater. I lost aircraft control and the same thoughts went through my mind while trying to control the aircraft. I was also lucky to walk away unscratched from the accident with very little aircraft damage.
We have learned the hard way to be more cautious.
Other comment: The broken bolt on your airbike is of poor quality, looks like fatigue due to vibration. A high quality bolt will never brake when moving those ailerons, no matter how hard or how many times you move the stick. At worst it could be bent, but never broken.
Great site also.

Jack Fleetwood said...

Thanks Ricardo. You're right, we have to think about our families when we're doing this. I am ordering aircraft grade bearings, unfortunately, I didn't build my plane, so I've got to work these things out.