Saturday, August 05, 2006

Why We Fly

I was up this morning at 5:00. I had the plane preflighted before the sun was even up. After the preflight, I stood around for awhile waiting for a little more light. As I took off, I realized this was going to be a good day for flying. We've had a lot of wind and heat lately, but both were absent this morning. I was nice and cool and the plane performed accordingly. I started flying North, but then remembered that President Bush was in Crawford and I wasn't sure how close I was getting to the no-fly-zone. Since I didn't want to meet any F-16 pilots this morning, I decided to fly East. I flew by a friend's airstrip, but nobody was stirring so I just circled around for awhile. I did a few power-on stalls and played around in general. It's nice to have no destination. I was able to get a good flight in and get the plane put away before it even got warm. I even made a great landing - with a witness!! The final touch was a friend of mine buzzing the field in his Cub. This is why I fly....

Looking Back at the Sunrise
Home Field

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