Tuesday, October 31, 2006

High EGTs

After talking with a few UL pilot's with more experience than me, I decided to try moving my gauges back to their original location. I was told vibration can cause a bad reading in the EGT gauge or that I might have pinched a wire when moving them. After moving them, I took off and circled the field a few times. No luck, they looked the same. I then decided to try adjusting the needle. It was in the second to lowest position, so I moved it to the bottom notch. This helped a little, but I think I'll have to try a different needle and maybe even rejet it. I flew it over to Wayne's house (maybe 3 miles) and then returned. Good news is that I got into the air, bad news is I still have work to do.

I'll keep you posted!


don said...

Got to your blog from another blog ultralight flying adventures......wanted to make a quick comment about your high EGT temps....Ive been flying Rotaxes for over ten years so I know the basics about them.......please understand that I am no expert on engines but lots of trial and observation has taught me two very basic things that you may already know that are necessary to get your EGT temps where you want them and keep them there.............the first is to ALWAYS set your max RPM up first using the prop and then set the idle adjustment circuit first as it will affect your mid and cruise ranges. Then (this is the part that most people dont do) use regular gas not premium gas. Look at your engine manual. A Rotax doesnt require premium fuel.Premium fuel burns slower than regular and is still burning as it exausts causing higher EGTs.Just try using regular with no other adjustments and see if it doesnt give you 50 to 75 degrees lower EGTs. Its so basic a thing that most guys dont do it but as I say after ten years of tinkering with these puppies using regular is an automatic for me..........hope it works for you.....Ill try to check back later on this blog to see if you have any comment on it.......don.addison@gmail.com

Jack Fleetwood said...

Thanks for the advise Don, it's always appreciated - especially from someone with your experience.

I do fly with regular unleaded, always have.

I wouldn't know how to begin to adjust the prop, still learning.

My temps have come down after a needle adjustment, but what surprised me the most is how rapidly they started climbing. Everything was perfect for so long.