Sunday, February 04, 2007

All Day Flying

Finally got a chance to fly again. I was planning on a short flight, but as my wife will tell you, that rarely happens. As I was getting the plane ready, I could hear Jimmy sanding away on some wings he's been working on. He's one of those guys who really enjoys his work - rebuilding wings for older planes. It was cold, but I had my motorcycle gloves and winter overalls.

I went up for about 30 minutes and when my toes and fingers were frozen I headed back. I buzzed Wayne's house and his son Ben came out and drove to my field. He and Jimmy had told me about a guy, Chris, that had a powered parachute. Shortly after, he and his wife showed up. Chris set up his plane, which entails running up the engine and then attaching and laying out the parachute.

After they took off, I took off and flew around them for awhile. Got some good air-to-air shots. It's always nice to fly with someone else.

I'll write more later, but to make it short I flew four times today - twice with Chris. I ended up flying circles around him as I stall around 30mph and that's his cruise! It was still fun though. Enjoy the photos:

Before flying.

After all of the rain, there's a lot of water.

I scared these cows. I try not to, but did it twice today!

After the first flight.

Ben watching as Chris prepares to fly.

Taking Off

Smoke System

More Smoke

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