Saturday, February 03, 2007

Winter Blues

If it isn't windy, it's raining. If it isn't raining, it's icy. We don't have a very rough winter in Central Texas, but it's just not good ultralight flying weather. I went to the field last weekend and cleaned the plane. It was a cool, calm day and I'd hoped to fly. With all of the rain we've had though there was a small pond in the middle of the runway. I walked out to check it and quickly found that my new shoes are designed to let a lot of air flow through them. Where air will flow, so will water, so I made the walk back to my plane with squishy socks.

It was probably solid enough, but after cleaning the plane, I didn't really want to run it through a large puddle and the wind was picking up anyway.

Today, I'm stuck at work, but it's predicted to be a nice day tomorrow. If I fly, I will have to take a lot of pictures to remind myself of how much fun flying is! Seems like it's been forever.

Since I don't have any new photos of my own, I thought I'd show some pic of other Airbikes:

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