Monday, April 07, 2008

No News is...

Well, between work, family, and practicing kiting my wing, I haven't had time to update the Blog.
There's been a lot of activity at Old Settler's Park. It's that time of year where the wind seems to always be there, but the guys have squeezed in a few flights, even if some of them were bumpy.

As for me, I'm getting closer. I have Tim to thank for helping me with my kiting. I've been getting out there every time I have a spare moment. My next step is kiting with the motor on my back and then I'm ready for the final training. I can't wait!!

Chris from Southern Skies came for a visit and impressed me with his skills.

Terry flying 'till the sun went down.

Brian after a windy flight.


Jim "The King"

Alt was getting tossed around. Funny part was I thought he was goofing off!

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