Thursday, October 16, 2008

Windy Day

Travis and I got a chance to fly last Saturday. It was cold, but calm. Well, at least it was calm on the ground! We setup facing the South at Taylor Airport and while we setup, three planes took off, also to the South. Of course as we got ready, a Cessna decided to do touch-n-goes to the North, so we had to take off right after he touched down. When I got into the air, I quickly lost speed and went down to 8mph!! I was trying to get out of the way of the Cessna and Travis, so I drifted to the East. Once I saw Travis was in the air, I turned North and my speed jumped to 52mph! The good part was that it was smooth. We went around Taylor to the East and headed South so we could get back to the airport quickly if it got worse. All in all, not a bad flight, even if it was a short, sometimes scary one!

Sunrise as I was taking off.

Travis climbing higher.

Rays of sunshine.

Old cemetary in Taylor.
Old Downtown Taylor
This would make a good ultralight strip!
No, he wasn't over houses. Check out his prop.
Early morning shadows.

We're heading up Saturday if the weather holds out. Should get some good photos then, so keep checking back.

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