Monday, February 01, 2010

Record January Snowstorm...

You would think the warnings like, "If you don't have to travel, please stay home!" might deter me from going to get my new PPC. If you believe this, maybe you haven't met me!

Travis went with me and we headed out Friday morning. It rained until we were out of Texas, then Oklahoma threw a blizzard at us! It was rough driving and I was really beginning to doubt my sanity! We saw many cars in the ditch, but we were able to stay on the road. A trip that should have been 10 hours was around 13, but we made it and I have my new PPC!

Oklahoma really wanted us to stay home!

We stopped for fried pies.

This was our first gas stop. It was starting to get bad!

Travis was getting road reports from a guy coming from Kansas.
My defroster couldn't keep up!

We made it to Emporia, Kansas. My truck was pretty nasty by this point.

Downtown Emporia

I got up early the next morning to get some pics of the snow.
On the way home, we stopped at McDonalds. I parked out in the back of the parking lot and when we came out, this truck had parked next to me!
I post some photos of the PPC soon. For now, this is it!
Jack "New PPC Having" Fleetwood

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