Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Megan's First Ride

I finally got a chance to take my youngest Daughter up for a PPC ride. I was worried she might freak out a little, but she loved it. She wanted it to be a little scary and it wasn't, but other than that....!

We got into the air after the afternooon winds subsided and headed off to the West. We flew over a park that we like to play in, flew over the carnival, saw our house from the air, and she was excited to see her school had a big hole in it. After some reflection, she remembered she'd had lunch in that hole - an open area with trees in it.

It was nice to spend some time with her doing something we both enjoyed. As she's getting older, I'm not quite as smart or fun as I used to be!!

I couldn't help but sing the Sanford & Sons theme!

The carnival is back!

Tree shadows.

Heading back. We were getting cold.

Travis spotted this trike next to him and called me on the radio to show me.

Travis and Sandra coming in for a landing.

The trike pilot came in to meet us.

Megan posing for an after-flight shot.

The trike departing Taylor for Lago Vista.

Off into the sunset. He's quick!


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