Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Terry and Grady Go Flying

Chris and I met out at the field early this morning. It was cold and the sun was coming up an hour later due to daylight-savings time, but it was predicted to be a perfect morning for flying. They got it right this time!

When I was just a baby, my Uncle Terry started taking me flying in a Cessna 172. I've been flying my entire life and wouldn't want to live without aviation. I've taken him up in a Cessna, and even up for an aerobatic ride in the Decathlon, but this was his first ride in a PPC. I actually got to take Terry and Grady up for a 45 minute ride each. It could have been longer, but I need to change the pitch on my prop. I didn't have enough power and was burning gas at almost double the rate I should have been... They did enjoy the time they got though!

Chris and his son Dustin heading out.

This horse was posing by the water.

Here's how the radio conversation went for this photo: Hit your smoke. What? Turn on your smoke. Huh? Your smoke, turn it on! Oh, okay!

Two powered parachutes would head out that day... only one would return. Oh, wait, that's just a farmer burning his trash! Sorry...

This was a nice looking place.

Not my best shot, but I loved the windmill's shadow.

I don't know what this is. Everyone seems to be leaning toward a skeet shooting setup.

Longhorns in the right color - Burnt Orange!

This truck has a huge sleeper on it. I liked the shadow of course!

It's raining today, so enjoy these photos. It may be awhile before it dries out enough for us to fly again.

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