Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long Saturday!

For the third weekend in a row, I headed to Blum! Craig had invited Ralph to come out so a few of us could get our checkrides. I got there at 5:30 and by sunrise, we were ready to go. My PPC was still in the process of being fixed, so Craig had me fly another Pegasus. It was a nice machine and flew well.

I finally met Seth after knowing him through the forums for years now. I also met Bruce who is getting into PPCs, and Ryan, who is Andre's son. Bobby was there as well and took Paul for another ride in the orange Pegasus. I think they have a deal, if so Paul will flying soon!

I have a ton of photos, so I'll keep the story short. Seth got his BFR, Ryan and I got our PPC endorsements, I think Bruce got his endorsement the day before and they still had more to go the next day. Ralph was great to fly with, very calm and gave me a few tips as well. My PPC may be fixed... I had some issues when doing the break-in, but I'm not sure it's anything bad, maybe carb ice. I'll know soon.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos.

Craig watching another student while Seth gets ready.

Ryan flying with Ralph in the back.

I saw Stan flying, but never got to say hello. With my checkride and everything else going on, I didn't see him before he packed up.
Seth is ready to takeoff.
Bobby setting up with Paul.
Seth posing in front of the sun!
Bobby and Paul are almost ready.
Sometimes my camera amazes me. Notice the headphone cable hanging down!
Bobby wasn't happy with the first takeoff and wisely aborted. Craig was watching closely for the second attempt! It went well.

My favorite photo of the day. Thanks Seth!
Craig watches Seth.
Bruce and Ralph in Craig's Airwolf.
Stan doing a touch-n-go...
and a fly-by!
Now this was just funny!
I made this photo a little too bright, but I wanted to show the colors in Craig's parachute.
BTW guys, is that a whole tree stuck in the right side landing gear?
Bruce and Ralph again.
Still funny!
Seth flying overhead. He was very nervous about his impending engine-off landing.
Dear Jesus, please help me through this landing!
Gets quiet huh?
Look at that! Nice and soft. Everyone started cheering for such a nice engine-out landing.
I'm not sure why Craig was reaching for his gun... I thought Seth did everything Craig instructed him to do! This is Texas though, sometimes that's just how we say hello!
Okay, so he was reaching for his radio! My mistake.
Can't wait to fly again!


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