Saturday, August 07, 2010

Travis Gets His BFR

Travis was heading to Blum to get his BFR with Craig McPherson, so I tagged along. Craig had offered to let me fly his Airwolf and I wasn’t going to pass that up! Not to mention my PPC was still in his shop and I wanted to see how bad it looked. Turns out it wasn’t too bad, in fact I couldn’t feel any rough spots inside the cylinder, but the piston had a black spot on it. Hopefully it will be in the air again soon.

We arrived Friday afternoon so we would have time to check Travis’ EGTs and possibly replace the probes. He and Craig got them fixed without replacing them.

Even though we were hearing thunder in the distance and seeing dark clouds, Craig assured us that the storms had been building up in the afternoons and then dying off and it wouldn't rain. So, when the storms hit… it was poured!! It trapped us in his shop for a long time, then we finally made a dash for Travis' car and we were soaked! We headed off to the hotel for a few hours of sleep before 5:30AM rolled around, hoping the field wouldn't be flooded in the morning.

In the morning, it was calm and even with all of the rain, the field only had a few puddles. We were good to go! A few of Craig’s friends showed up, including Bobby’s (Bobcat) Dad (Stan) to fly their new red Airwolf, Andre in his John Deere Airwolf, & Roger in his Red Pegasus. Another guy, Paul, would show up later for a ride in the Tiger Pegasus I sold Bobby awhile back as he’s thinking of buying it.

Craig was a busy instructor. He flew four different PPCs!!

I hope you enjoy the photos. It was hard to narrow down 364 photos! I got it down less than 40 something! Oh, and by the way, Travis passed his BFR.

Craig’s Airwolf

Stan setting up.

Andre's John Deere Airwolf.

Sadie, with Travis in the background!
Almost ready.
The sunrise was spectacular!

Stan flying low, lining up for a touch-n-go.
Roger heading out.
Roger down low.
Andre practicing his landings.
Hay, it's Texas!
Craig instructing Stan before his engine-off landing.
This is what Stan looks like making an interesting takeoff!
This is what Craig looks like when Stan makes an interesting takeoff!!
Such a nice plane.

More instruction.

And some more instruction! See a theme here?
Andre off again.
Roger off again.

Roger waving as he flies by.
Bobby's Mom getting a ride with Craig. It sure is quiet with the engine off!
I think that's a smile!! She said she needs one of her own now! That could turn out to be an expensive flight!
I was waiting for some good shots of this parachute all day.

Stan heading out again.

Bright colors.

This was my old PPC. I sure like that chute!

Look right... no, your other right!
I'll be out at Craig's again next week to finish off some training, so expect more soon.


Rocket Man said...

Great shots! This looks like so much fun, even for an old geezer who tried to intentionally wash out of jump school at Ft. Benning many years ago.

Jack Fleetwood said...

LOL! It is a lot of fun and even though we have a parachute above us, it's much different taking off from the ground with one already inflated!!

Seth said...

Sweet, I'm ready to see pictures from this weekend. Hope you got your repairs done and got back home safely. Seth