Saturday, May 12, 2012

Someday Ranch

Travis and I have been flying his Luscombe to some fly-ins the past few weeks. On May 5th, we headed off to John Cyrier's Someday Ranch, just South of Lockhart, TX. We took off from Hearne and stopped at Caldwell for fuel. After fueling we were on our way for a bumpy flight to Someday Ranch. We overflew Bastrop and once again saw the horrible fire damage from last year. When we got to Lockhart, we started looking for Someday Ranch and then saw a bright yellow Stearman making passes. That sure helps you find an airport! I circled around to enter downwind an on final I stayed a little high due to a tree near the end of the runway. Turns out I was a little too high and we had to go around! Oh well, practice...! The second attempt was a success and we were soon admiring John's airport. He has an incredibly nice hanger and even an observaton deck! A very cool airport and a great event. There were several Stearmans, Cubs, Cessnas, etc. and Travis got a lot of questions about his Luscombe. After lunch, we headed back, stopping again in Caldwell for fuel and made it back to Hearne safely, but very tired.
'Till Next Time, Jack "Sometimes" Fleetwood

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Looks like another place I'd like to visit