Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flight Around Austin

Sunday Travis and I flew his Luscombe for 3 hours! We flew from Hearne to Cameron (found out they were out of fuel), then on to Coulter Field in College Station, then to Brenham for lunch. I didn't get many photos though.

Apparently 3 hours wasn't enough for me, so yesterday was one of those days I just couldn't stay at work. My head just wasn't in it. I headed to Kitty Hill to find the Chief ready to go. I quickly completed the preflight, pulled her out and headed off to the South. It was hazy which sucked for my photography, but it was great to just be flying. I headed toward the 360 bridge, then on into downtown Austin. I was flying under Bergstram's airspace, so I had to be careful not to climb. It was a delicate mix of not flying too low and not flying too high!

After getting some downtown photos, I headed back North, following the river all the way to Lake Travis. I flew around the lake for awhile and then saw a Piper Cub fly by. I turned and chased him for awhile. I don't think he ever saw me. It was nice to be faster than someone for a change, but by the time I caught him he was landing at Lakeway.

I reluctantly turned toward Kitty Hill and was on the ground 20 minutes later. I considered filling her up and heading out again, but decided it was time to head home. 1.5 hours isn't bad though! It's May and I'm already at 43 hours which is nice. When I got back to the hanger, there were a bunch of walking sticks there! One was in a spider web, so I rescued him. Another one snuck onto the front of my truck and rode home with me!  I gave him a nice new home in my trees.

Jack "Hero to the Walking Sticks" Fleetwood

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