Monday, June 25, 2012

Last Flight?

I got in a couple of nice flights this weekend.  Saturday I flew by myself over to Cameron to fill up and it was nice and cool at about 2500 feet.  On Sunday I met Bruce, my partner in my new plane, at KH and we headed up for a nice afternoon flight.  We flew around Lake Travis and over Buda and returned just as the sun was setting.  My first landing just didn't seem like enough, so we taxied back for another round.  When we came around, I was a little high and dropped in a little fast and for the first time in the Chief I had to go around!  By then the sunlight was starting to fade and I was really hoping to stick the next landing!  As I was on short final I saw something run across the runway.  It turned out to be a deer!  It kept running and I didn't see any more of them so I continued on for a nice landing.

I'm heading out of town for a few days, then when I return, Bruce and I will head to California to pick up the Luscombe.  That means this was probably my last flight in the Chief.  Phil has it up for sale and it should sell fairly quickly.  I'm going to enjoy flying my new plane, but I will also miss the Chief.  Something about stepping back into the forties and swinging that prop by hand to start it make you feel more connected to the plane.  Knowing as docile as she is, she'll bite you if you don't pay attention...  Knowing people will be amazed when they look into the plane and see the beautiful panel...  Sticking your hand out into the slipstream and feeling that cool air on your face...  I could go on forever!  I truly enjoyed flying this plane and can't thank Phil enough for the opportunity.  I know everyone I took up had a smile on their face!

Jack "Sunset Flying" Fleetwood

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