Saturday, December 20, 2014


Another year is quickly wrapping up. Overall, I think this was a good one. I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with flying friends, going to fly-ins, etc. I'm not the best at anything I do, but I can tell you I have the best friends! In aviation, we all know there are risks. Some great conversations I had with friends this year would end up being our last. We lost some great pilots to accidents and to cancer. The world doesn't quite seem the same without them. They say only the good die young, and this year we lost some friends I'll honestly say the world was better off with them in it... maybe they were needed elsewhere, maybe someday we'll know. I hope you guys are in skies with no turbulence, no clouds, or landing in beautiful canyons on a river where no plane has dared to land before. As usual, I'm behind on the Blog. I post a lot on the 120/140 Forums . Here's to another good year, I promise I'll think about trying harder on the blog... it's the best I can offer! Jack Happy-New-Year Fleetwood

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