Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Last Weekend - Things are changing quickly.

Saturday turned out to be a very nice day, so I was up and at the plane by 6:00. Got in the air and decided to fly NorthEast. As I was nearing the town of Georgetown, I remembered the owner of a field where I attended a fly-in. I had just got my Airbike assembled and didn't get a chance to fly that day. He told me to do a fly-by when I had it going. Well, I thought, today's the day. As I turned final, I saw a yellow plane that I thought was the owner's Cub. It turned out to be a Quicksilver. I throttled back and proceeded to perform my worst landing yet. Something about number of people watching... After finally getting it down, we stood around talking a while. The Quicksilver owner asked if I wanted to fly back to his place and off we went. I had to throttle back quite a bit to stay behind him, but it was my first formation flight. What a blast. He also has a nice plane and a very nice hangar. I'm jealous. After visiting for awhile, it was getting warm so I headed back to my field. It was the bumpiest ride yet, a lot of thermals. My camera wasn't charged, so no photos.

Sunday, I decided to mow my runway. The owner of the Cub had flown by and from the air noticed it was getting very long. When someone notices from the air, that's when you know it's too long! Just as I was getting the riding mower ready, a car pulled up. Long story short, this lady told me she had put an offer on the property and wanted me off by August 4th. I asked if I could stay long enough to find another place, as it will take awhile for her to get her house moved in and ready to live in. The answer was no. No matter what I said, she only had rude answers. I always knew the land could sell, but the owner was asking way too much.

A little background: I knew a guy who crashed his Stearman into power lines a couple of years ago. His widow called me and said she'd heard I was looking for a hangar. She offered me the space incredibly cheap and I've been there a few months. It was fun while it lasted, but now I'm in panic mode again. Got to find a new home for my baby. Guess worse case senario I will take the wings off and put it in my garage again. Hope I don't have to do that.

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wjmorton said...

great story, that plane fits you very well, as it did me. its hard to beleave that you are showing something that i was apart of and or built. blood , sweat , tears, and a lot of cold late nights to get ready for a flight the next day. iam proud that you display something like this it is good for you as well as me.. this bird never let me down. IS SHE BEAUTIFUL?? YESSSSSS. take care of her and she will give you many hours of great pleasure. She took care of me as well.When you took her away it really felt like loosing someone very close. but like i said giving it up to someone that will enjoy it gives me great joy , knowing that i have helped a fellow pilot. LETS GO FLYING REAL SOON OK?? WILL MORTON PREVIOUS AIR BIKE OWNER