Saturday, July 08, 2006


Took a nice long flight last night. I got to the plane around 6 pm and decided to head out. I took off and headed east. I flew to a little town called Rockdale and did a couple of touch-n-goes there and then circled the town for awhile. They had a carnival and rodeo (This is Texas) going on and I got a few waves. I then learned a valuable lesson - don't fly east a few hours before sunset. My return flight was due west, into the setting sun. I found out how scratched my windshield really is. I then took the Airbike to it's highest flight with me, 4,500 feet. It was nice and cool, but it's always hazy around here. It was nice to have a radio, I like to know where the other planes are. After a nice relaxing flight, I was home. I pulled the power and circled the lake a few times to get down and pulled off a nice wheel-landing. It's always sad to put the plane away, but I was beat. I only managed to put in 1 hour, but that's the farthest I've been from my home base.

Thorndale - First town along my path.
Another shot of Thorndale

This is a power plant outside of Rockdale.


Almost home - looking back.

This is my airfield.

I've drawn a line where my runway is.

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