Monday, July 02, 2007

Been Awhile

Well, it's been awhile since I posted, thought I'd better put in an update. The weather here has been horrible. Chances are, you've heard the stories of flooding in Marble Falls. I'm about 40 miles from there. It has been flooding here for about a week and not due to let up until this weekend.

I've never taken care of the high EGT problem I've had, so I decided it was time to check out the engine. First I took off the intake manifold and I believe I found a leak, which would explain one high EGT. I decided while I was working on the plane, I would take off the exhaust and check out the pistons. About that time, it started getting dark and I stepped out of the hangar to see big storm clouds rolling in. I decided to take the exhaust home with me and paint it and check out the pistons the next day.

I returned the next day with a freshly painted exhaust, hoping to see nice, clean pistons and just put the exhaust back on and go flying! It wasn't to be.... I could see quite a bit of carbon on the front piston and a lot on the rear. I decided to decarbon the engine - but not until the weekend.

I tore it apart the following Saturday and found it wasn't too bad. The top ring on both pistons still had movement, but were restricted. It took some elbow grease, but everything went well. I got to the point of putting everything back together, all the way to putting on the heads, and then realized I didn't have my torque wrench.

So..... I came back on Sunday. All I had to do was torque the bolts, and then I could go flying. Again, not to be... My torque wrench is way off. I broke one of the studs. Off to the house to order another one and maybe next weekend I could get it done.

This Saturday, I got it done. With another torque wrench, everything went together well. I ran in on the ground for awhile and after satisfying myself that it wasn't going to explode and tear me to pieces, I took off for a test flight. I only flew for about 10 minutes as it was windy, but all looked good. Good temps and nice and smooth. I'll post more after my next flight.

My friend Jack (not talking about myself) called and said he was getting John (an instructor at Kitty Hawk in San Antonio) to fly his plane to his new field - Bird's nest. I went out and watched John land the plane, all went well. Now when Jack gets comfortable flying, I'll have another person to fly with.

I know the story was long winded, but now we're to the photos.

Abandoned Road Grader

Cool glass and concrete house.

My truck after the road to Bird's Nest.

John flying over in Jack's Quicksilver.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jack,
I'm glad your plane is back in order. I finally got to fly since our lake Granger flight which seems like forever. Got a nice flight down at Bill's place Saturday night and watched the sun go down from the air. Hope we can fly soon and keep up the blog.

Mark Z. said...

I wish I had a field in my backyard to fly out of. The idea of waking up, putting on some clothes, then flying sounds like a dream.

Mark Zinkel -