Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stillhouse Lake - More Flooding

I went to the field today, half expecting it to be too wet for me to fly. The grass was damp, but there were no puddles, so I decided to go for it. After fueling the plane and a quick preflight, I was off. I turned North and headed for Stillhouse Lake. The weather man was calling for 50% chance of rain, but it looked fairly clear and the wind was barely blowing.

This area is usually dry. You can see the trees sticking out of the water.


It amazes me how clear and smooth the lakes are when boats are banned.

This is the bridge today.

This is a photo of the bridge I took about a year ago.

This usually isn't an island. Notice the road in the middle.

Road under water.

Bell County Expo Center

Skydive Temple. I normally wouldn't fly this close, but I forgot it was here. I had my radio on their frequency though. It was too cloudy for them to be jumping.


Anonymous said...

Howdy Jack!

I've had your link posted on my blog for a while, but haven't visited much. Your blog is outstanding! Keep up the good work!


Jack Fleetwood said...

Thanks. I read your Blog too, but I know you haven't been flying in awhile. Is your new property going to have enough room for a runway?

Hope you get in the air soon.