Sunday, July 15, 2007

Third Time

Okay, so I decided that flying twice in two days wasn't enough. Jack had told me earlier that he would be flying after it cooled off, so I took off at 6:30PM and headed his way. It's about a 27 mile trip from my field to Bird's Nest. I was using the GPS, but it's not really necessary - the new toll roads go from my field directly to his!! You'll see them a lot in the photos. I left his field at 8pm and was on the ground at my field by 8:30 with plenty of light remaining. I had a nice tailwind on the way back.

Toll Roads

Golf Course

More Toll Roads

Lake in Pflugerville

Arriving at Bird's Nest - You can see Jack's plane in front of the open hangar.

Flying Low


Mark Z. said...

I must compliment Jack, you take some of the best aviation photos that I come across. Keep up the good work.

Mark Zinkel

Jack Fleetwood said...

Thanks Mark. I get lucky, I just snap a lot of photos and keep the good ones. Most important thing is to fly first, take photos second.

Hopefully we can get you into the air soon and we'll see aerial shots from your area.