Saturday, November 08, 2008

Afternoon Flight at OSP

Travis, Alt, and I showed up to OSP about the same time yesterday. I was first in the air and since the wind was from the North, I headed that way. Alt was next into the air, but he stayed around the field, shooting video. He said he got right behind Travis and got video of him taking off, but he's not confident it will come out.

Travis and I flew North and East. I flew down the runway at Cross Country Estates where we're planning on flying with the balloons next weekend.

On the way back, we flew by Travis's house and he waved as his family stayed inside and watched TV! We're always worried about how noisy we are, but I've now attempted to get 3 different people to come out and wave and none of them heard me! Guess we're sneaky that way.

As we came in for a landing, I tried to get some photos of a carnival that looks to be struggling. Most of the people there were looking up at us.

We did a few T-N-Gs and packed up for the night. Nice, perfect flight! We're planning on going up again this afternoon.

Cow Shadows

The shadows get long this time of day!

This is Cross Country Estates

The trees are changing.

No, not snow! Hard, hard, rocks.

Notice the white birds flying down the river.

I had to work to get this shot. I love the color.

Travis lining up to strafe his house.

Travis flying by his house.

Flying into the setting sun.

The carnival at the Dell Diamond.

That's all for now.

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